Our story

In the beginning...

The iconic Aireys Pub closed down in 2011 after 107 years. We couldn’t live in a town with no pub, so we snuck it out from underneath the developers, reopened and reinvigorated the pub and installed a state of the art brewery.

Our motives..

For the first time in history 85% of beer sold in Australia is foreign owned (Carlton, xxxx, Boags, cascade, little creatures, furphy to name a few). It’s just madness to continue to sending all this money overseas. Every time you buy a legitimate craft beer your money stays in the country, employing Australians and supporting small business.

The environment..

We live (and brew) in a spectacular place. We are surrounded by nature with the ocean on one side and the Otway National Park on the other. We’re passionate about protecting our place and our world for future generations. We have a 50 kw solar system to help power our brewery and try to brew as green and clean as we can. We’re an official Sea Shepherd partner and contribute to their campaigns to protect the ocean and it’s creatures.

Moving forward...

We’re not trying to invent beer, we’re trying to perfect it. We’re constantly working on brewing consistently great beer.

See our map for places you can get our brews. We’re always looking for new venues, so let us know if you have a bottlo or bar, or if you know someone who does.

Our information

45 Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet, Australia


Brewery & Sales - (+61) 0448 721 487

Pub & Reservations - (03) 5289 6804